Lyrical genius, musically stellar, medicinally necessary! An album to draw you in and speak to your soul. Check it out on iTunes.

Our Sound


Blurring the lines between rock and soul, ACRES TO MILES’ strength lies in a musical artistic exploration lead by a wide-open sound straddling across genres, and a song-writing style that embraces lyrical humanness. Formed in 2016 by lead singer Brett Axell, guitarist Jeremy Mann, bassist Emery Joe Yost and drummer Guy Henri Bagneki Kingue, this American band illuminates a funky, unique collection of styles.

Loving Between Teardrops


"Loving Between Teardrops" was selected out of 5000 bands who submitted for the Veteran's for Peace song contest. "Teardrops" wins the contest, performs at the Vic Theatre, Aug 11 2017. The song features Yost's crafty guitar melody and Axell's emotionally searing vocal melody with incredible vocal range. 



Brett Axell - Lead Vocals

Jeremy Mann - Guitar, bass

Guy "Henri" Bagneki Kingue - Drums

Emery Yost - Bass, guitar, mandolin, piano and backing vocals

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